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Researching for Classroom Assignments

Okay, so I tend to choose obscure things to research for assignments. I like what I like, and who wants to do the same subject as everyone else, anyway? However, while researching, it can be slightly infuriating to visit acclaimed sites that are supposed to be chock-full of information and come up with few useful results. Sometimes, this is where people give up and choose another topic. That’s not really fun, though. I’ve been sticking around for the challenges and uncovering some interesting information. I think it’s hard to be in college and have so many assignments that you can’t dedicate yourself to them all, and it’s probably negatively effected our research skills.

Patience can pay off, though, when you end up with a unique paper/project that you actually learn from because you put the extra effort in. Developing good research skills is necessary in college. Many schools have web and other resources available through the library, which includes access to these cool databases you would otherwise have to subscribe to.

I’m almost done rambling. Here’s what I want to do in the future: I want to compile some of these resources from projects I’ve done and am doing to help make research easier…even though search is half the fun. Just a list of where to find certain sources. Then again, maybe it’s the research that helps us grow and learn and overall succeed in college.